Alert: Must have a audio software programs now. I'm tired of looking for expensive ones. I couldn't find any freebies. Damn will you help!?

I don't care, I just want to know what songs is this. Just tell me. thank you.

I need your AUDIO HELP!

2007-07-26 09:11:17 by BigPandah

Please give me a list or long list of what audio program do I need.

Just comment it.

No fruity loops, something else.

If it free then good enough! =)

Big timer.

2007-07-25 17:50:54 by BigPandah

Tagger time tonight, spraying the wall till it get down.

Hey guys, check this out!

2007-07-25 08:10:49 by BigPandah

This one funny ^_^

Hey guys, check this out!

Just saying...

2007-07-25 07:19:23 by BigPandah

Drift City from ijji is about to open some day after mid august or september. If you heard of Drift City then post your username here so I can challenge you in race! Haha.

I sure hell will be beaten lol. Later.


2007-07-24 16:53:33 by BigPandah

New here, just wondering if I could ask. Anyone got any idea where could I get programs to create music? Thanks, please respond